25 Real-Life Kajabi Examples: Courses & Websites to Inspire You

Kajabi Examples of Successful Courses & Websites

If you’re interested in selling online courses, Kajabi is one of the top options out there.

It gives you a lot of flexibility in how you can use it in your knowledge commerce business. For example, you can use it as an all-in-one platform or use it to run just the course side of things.

If you wonder how the platform can fit into your online business, it will be useful to gather insights from other Kajabi courses.

To help you with that, we have created a list of successful Kajabi website examples to explore how creators use the platform in their business.

Now, let’s look at the top 25 Kajabi examples.

1. Video Magic

Video Magic by Julian Mather is an online course website that helps people get better at shooting videos.

Their primary offering is an online program called Business Video Bootcamp, which comes with two-tiered pricing, with the higher plan offering additional videos and access to a private community.

In addition, the website offers a group coaching program and customizable 1-on-1 coaching programs that include access to the online course.

Julian Mather Video Magic

What I find most interesting about Video Magic is that they use Kajabi to run their entire business.

Apart from hosting their courses and processing payments, they use the platform to handle their marketing.

Everything from the blog to the lead generation pages, their email marketing, the affiliate program has been created using Kajabi.

So that you know, Kajabi is a truly all-in-one course platform and a large chunk of their audience runs their entire business on the platform.

2. Clever Programmer

Clever Programmer aims to help people level up their programming skills and advance their careers.

They offer a few courses on their Kajabi site for teaching technologies like JavaScript and Python, which are available to buy immediately.

Also, Clever Programmer offers an 8-month online bootcamp, priced at $20K, which helps people level up their programming careers.

It is an application-only program and is a great example of a high ticket offer created with Kajabi.

Fullstack Mastery Bootcamp by Clever Programmer

I like their courses because they emphasize student engagement with live coaching calls, a private community, and project-based learning.

In terms of the tech stack, they use Kajabi to run their whole business. Apart from courses, their website, the blog, sales pages, and checkout pages are built on the platform.

3. Women of Faith

Women of Faith is an online platform that offers various training and resources to help women with Christain faith-based personal development.

They are another Kajabi example of a business using the platform as an all-in-one solution, so everything on their website is built using the platform.

Their courses cover various themes like relationships, purpose, and hope from a faith-based perspective when it comes to their courses. And besides video lessons, the courses offer other benefits like live webinar coaching and step-by-step action plans.

Women of Faith Online COurses

In addition, their website is linked to their Shopify storefront, where they sell eBooks, study guides, accessories, etc.

Another thing that stands out for me is their website design. It has a clean, modern look, and it’s visually very attractive.

4. College Essay Guy

College Essay Guy is an online resource to help students write their college essays and with their applications. The website also provides resources for counselors to improve their skills.

The platform includes free resources like a podcast and a blog, and then they also have premium offerings like online courses.

College Essay Guy kajabi course example

What’s different about College Essay Guy is that they use various platforms to manage their business online.

Their main website, including the blog and the sales pages, is built on Squarespace, while Kajabi handles the course and payment.

The courses are open for enrollment a few times a year and come packed with video lessons, sample essays, and live sessions. Moreover, the course area is very well-designed and looks elegant.

Now, this is something you’ll notice with many Kajabi courses. The platform offers several well-designed course player themes, allowing you to create a great design for your course area.

College Essay Guy Course Area

Overall, this is a great example for anyone with an existing website and looking for Kajabi as the solution to host their courses and sales pages and process payments.

5. Pennies Into Pearls

Pennies into Pearls offers an online course and a membership site to help families with their finance.

When it comes to their course, which is their main offering, it packs in several bonuses, like Q&A sessions, a private Facebook Group, and a weekly planner.

pennies into pearls course sales page

And it is another great example of a website managing different parts of its business with different platforms. While their course and sales page are created with Kajabi, the main website is a WordPress blog, and the payment part uses ThriveCart.

Their course sales page also looks quite consistent with their WordPress site, which gives you an idea of how easy it is to seamlessly integrate Kajabi into your user experience if you already have an existing website elsewhere.

6. Digital Course Academy

Digital Course Academy is an online program that helps creators and edupreneurs build a successful online course business.

Created by Amy Porterfield, one of the most popular names in this space, the course is open for enrollment just a couple of times a year.

She uses a few different platforms to manage her business and handles only the course delivery side of things using Kajabi.

A user visits the sales page and completes the payment outside Kajabi before accessing the course area on the platform. So if you try to access her Kajabi site, you’ll just see the login page.

Digital Course Academy login page

The first thing that strikes you about the course website is that the member area is exceptionally well-designed with a Kajabi template and custom graphics.

Besides core modules, the course packs in several bonuses like Q&A vault, Tech Library, access to a private Facebook community, to name a few, and they also have a unique look and feel.

Digital Course Academy course area

Course player design is one area where the platform shines over Kajabi competitors, and Digital Course Academy is an excellent example of a business making use of that.

Even if you don’t want to use Kajabi as an all-in-one platform, it’s worth considering using it to manage the online course creation and engagement side of things.

An intuitive course builder, beautiful course player themes, coaching and community products, mobile app feature, course analytics, etc. make it a standout course platform option.

7. HPX Courses

Built around the brand of Brendon Burchard, a popular name in the personal development niche, the membership includes access to a variety of courses.

So you know, Kajabi allows creators to build a membership site as well, and HPX Courses is a great example of that.

The membership site and its courses are hosted on Kajabi, but Brendon’s primary website is outside the platform.

When someone joins their membership, they immediately get access to a bundle of courses, and more courses are unlocked every month.

hpx courses personal development

Besides, the membership also packs in live coaching, a private community, plus they will soon launch an interactive members-only app for things like journaling and goal setting.

8. Your Guitar Sage

Your Guitar Sage offers a membership site and several courses to help Guitar enthusiasts improve their skills.

They have built their audience with the help of their popular YouTube channel, which has seen over 100 Million views to date.

Their primary offering is a membership site – Unstoppable Guitar System. It has been created by bundling their courses with bonuses like eBooks, live sessions, and a community.

Your Guitar Sage Kajabi Membership Site

Your Guitar Sage’s brand website is built on WordPress, and they even have a WooCommerce store attached to it for selling merchandise.

The core things in the membership business, including the course delivery, sales pages, and payments processing, are handled using Kajabi.

What stands out about their membership offering is that it has several different tiers, including a free one, which gives users a lot of options.

So if you’re thinking about building a membership on Kajabi, you’ll be glad to know that it’s super easy to create multiple tiers and assign different content to them.

9. Flowing Zen

Flowing Zen is an online academy created by Anthony Korahais to teach people the ancient art forms of Qigong and Taichi to achieve better health.

They offer several online courses packed with instructional videos, guided meditations, live Q&A sessions, webinars, and direct access to the instructor.

The academy website, including the courses, sales pages, email marketing, and funnels, is handled with the Kajabi platform.

However, their parent website, which features a blog, is built with WordPress, and it links to their courses at several places.

While there is a lot to like about the Flowing Zen site, including how easy it is to navigate, the most attractive thing is the member’s area design. They are another example of a website with a well-designed course member area, receiving great engagement through comments.

flowing zen academy built on Kajabi

Finally, another interesting thing is that some of their advanced courses have prerequisite courses, and students must finish them before moving forward.

Overall, this is a great example for anyone looking to start an online school and not just sell a few standalone online courses.

10. PurelyTwins

PurelyTwins offers several courses and a membership site to help new mothers improve their fitness with a faith-based approach.

When we talk about their technology stack, the main website isn’t with Kajabi, but their course portal, sales pages, and payments are all handled with the platform.

PurelyTwins online courses and memberships

The courses come packed with workout videos, meditation audios, quick tips, and a few other bonuses. Plus, they have introduced two-tiered pricing within their courses by bundling courses in the higher plans.

And even their membership site has been created by bundling different courses together. 

However, the standout thing about PurelyTwins is that they make their courses available through the Kajabi mobile app, which is great from a mobile learning perspective.

For your information, Kajabi offers a free mobile app for the end-users, making it easier for your students to consume content on mobile devices.

11. In the Keys of Success

In the Keys of Success is an online platform that helps musicians grow their careers.

Their primary offering is a mastermind coaching community, which opens for enrollment a few times a year. And it comes packed with videos, Q&A sessions, live calls, and a private Facebook Group.

in the keys of success mastermind community

But what I like about the mastermind community is that you can access all its course content through a Kajabi mobile app.

As mentioned previously, the mobile app is a huge part of Kajabi’s appeal to course creators. In the Keys of Success is another example of a business using the app to make its offering more valuable.

Besides the membership community, the website offers several premium and affordable courses and 1-on-1 coaching packages.

12. Education By Matt Johnson

Education by Matt Johnson is an online course portal that helps wedding filmmakers grow their businesses. The portal website and courses are built with Kajabi, though their primary website is outside the platform.

Apart from premium courses, their primary offering is 1-on-1 coaching with Matt Johnson. They have a few different types of coaching products, and they are sold through the platform.

So you know, Kajabi supports a Coaching product that allows you easily create, sell, and manage one-off or multiple coaching sessions. It also includes native scheduling and live meeting features.

matt johnson kajabi coaching example

In addition, they offer a few other interesting products, like pricing templates and personalized feedback through recorded video.

Another interesting thing about them is that their courses offer multi-tiered pricing, with higher plans offering access to standalone products like templates and personalized critique.

13. Happy English

Happy English offers several online courses to help people level up their American English skills. Their primary website is built outside of Kajabi, but the courses and sales pages are on the platform.

As part of the courses, they give students access to guides, quizzes, and downloadable videos. Besides, the courses come with multi-tiered pricing, so students get access to a private community and a 1-on-1 session on the higher plans.

Kajabi allows you to create a community, and Happy English makes great use of that by offering a membership community as a standalone product.

Happy English community example

The community is open to enrollment several times a year, and it comes with regular live sessions alongside recorded lessons, quizzes, and other supplemental course material.

14. Milkwood

Milkwood is an online course portal that helps people develop permaculture skills for sustainable living. Although their main website is hosted elsewhere, the course portal, sales pages, courses, and payments are handled with the Kajabi platform.

Besides the course portal, their main website also has a Shopify store integrated, where they sell various eBooks around permaculture living.

Their primary offering, Permaculture Living, is a 12-week online program with multi-tiered pricing that opens for enrollment just a few times a year.

Milkwood is another example of a website using Kajabi’s community feature to host their community, and it is a major highlight of their program’s premium plan.

Milkwood course curriculum

In addition, the program offers lifetime access to video lessons, live Q&A sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching calls, depending on the plan.

15. The Universe Talks (TUT)

TUT by Mike Dooley is one of the most popular brands in the personal development niche. They offer a variety of digital products on their website, including online courses, memberships, books, audio programs, etc.

And they place a lot of emphasis on student engagement in their products with live workshops, coaching, a private community, etc.

They handle their course and membership side of things with Kajabi, while the main website is on WordPress.

When you analyze their Kajabi website, a couple of things immediately stands out.

Firstly, their sales pages are extremely well-designed with elements like video sales letters, count-down timers, testimonials, FAQ sections, etc.

And you’ll get a sense of the amount of flexibility Kajabi website builder offers for building your website and sales pages.

Club Tuts Kajabi Website Examples

Secondly, they have a “Choose What To Pay” option on their membership sales page. It is a unique marketing tactic, and you can easily implement it on Kajabi.

16. Photo Serge

Photoserge is an online course website that helps photographers level up their skills.

The website offers a comprehensive library of courses, which is well-categorized and even includes course bundles. Their premium course, which is their main offering, also offers live coaching, a private community, and a certificate, besides video lessons.

However, what strikes you most about them is the long-form sales pages for their premium courses, which do a great job explaining the course curriculum, share a video preview of the course, and showcase many stunning photographs.

Photo Serge Long Form Sales Page

Finally, their website also comes with an affiliate storefront using Kajabi, where they recommend other products.

17. Social Mediology

Social Mediology is an online business that offers products and services related to social media to other businesses.

They have several online courses and coaching products. Plus, they offer services like social media audit and management.

Like many other Kajabi course examples in this list, they use the platform to run their entire business. But one unique thing about them is that they have a podcast, and it is hosted on Kajabi itself.

Social Lights Kajabi Podcast

So you know, Kajabi has a Podcast feature that allows you to create, host, and distribute your podcast episodes through the platform.

18. PBN Academy

PBN Academy is a course portal that offers courses around plant-based nutrition and wellness.

The course website is built on Kajabi, and the courses are delivered through the platform.

The interesting thing about the courses is that they have been created with expert collaboration and include elements like case studies, live Q&A sessions, and a community.

I also like the member area design, which showcases additional text below the course video and a navigation area on the right side where students can access all the lessons within a module.

Plus, their website even features a blog built with Kajabi native blogging functionality.

PBN Academy Kajabi blog

They have a separate parent site, Plantbasednews.org, a news portal in the same niche, but it’s not hosted on Kajabi.

19. Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane is one of the most well-known Kajabi creators. He runs an online course website that helps aspiring entrepreneurs build passive income streams.

His offering includes an evergreen online course, a coaching community available a few times a year, and a mastermind group that requires enrollment applications.

Everything on the website, right from the courses, landing pages, email marketing, is handled with Kajabi.

However, what strikes you most about the website is that they use the pipeline builder to create their sales funnels and sell online courses. Their landing page encourages visitors to sign up for their free workshop and then use Kajabi’s email marketing tools to automate the follow-ups.

Graham Cochrane Popular Kajabi Course Examples

Graham Cochrane runs another business called Recording Revolution, and he uses Kajabi for his courses there as well.

20. Loosetooth.com

Loosetooth.com is an eLearning business that helps people improve their visual thinking skills with the help of drawing. It is run by Brandy Agerbeck, a visual thinking pioneer.

She offers several online courses on the website, including her popular program, The Agerbeck Method. She also hosts a membership community called Camp Drawmore.

Plus, she has integrated a Shopify storefront on the website where she sells other physical products, and she also promotes her Amazon books on the website.

While there is a lot to like about her brand, what I like the most is her extensive use of Kajabi’s marketing tools.

She uses Kajabi Events to create live workshops and use them as lead magnets. She also uses the page builder to create beautiful landing pages to collect leads.

Loosetooth live workshop example

In addition, she uses Kajabi’s email marketing tools to do follow-ups and sell her products.

21. Yogi Flight School

Yogi Flight School, run by Nathania Stambouli, offers a Yoga online course to help students get better at specific postures.

The course comes packed with video lessons, recorded workshops, interviews, and access to a private community. Moreover, the students can upgrade to a monthly membership, which offers additional weekly live classes.

This website is another excellent example of using Kajabi as an all-in-one platform. Apart from their courses, their blog, the funnels, and email marketing are done through the platform.

However, what stands out the most for me is their checkout page. I like how their payments page does a great job conveying their sales messages and showcasing testimonials.

Yogi Flight School Checkout Page

And so, the website gives you a solid idea of the kind of flexibility you get while building a payments page with Kajabi.

22. Transcribe Anywhere

TranscribeAnywhere helps aspiring transcriptionists build their career, and every aspect of their website is managed with Kajabi.

The website offers two courses packed with screencast videos, style guides, a private FB Group, printables, etc. Plus, they even offer a free mini course that helps them grow their email list.

But what I find most interesting about them is that they use Kajabi Automations to structure their courses and pricing in a really interesting way.

So essentially, one can buy a specific course from their offering and upgrade later to buy the combined course bundle.

Transcribe Anywhere Kajabi courses

Moreover, they follow up the courses with an exam, and students get a certificate and access to a private group upon passing it.

23. Semi-Retired MD

Semi-Retired MD offers several courses that help physicians learn the ropes of real estate investing to achieve financial freedom.

Their website is hosted outside of Kajabi, and it directly links to sales pages for their different courses without an intermediary course portal. On the other hand, all their sales pages, courses, payments, and even email marketing use Kajabi.

Their flagship online program, Zero to Freedom, is available a few times a year and includes access to a private mastermind coaching group.

semi-retired MD Zero To Freedom Course

The member area inside their courses is quite well-designed, and they show a detailed text summary of the lesson below the course videos.

Besides, they also offer a virtual summit called Fast FIRE to Freedom Summit and sell it through their Kajabi website.

24. Morin Music

MorinMusicOnline is a course portal that offers private lessons and online courses to help school students build their skills with different instruments.

The course portal, sales pages, email marketing, courses, and payments are all handled with the Kajabi platform, but the main website isn’t built with Kajabi.

Their online courses are only available at specific times during the year, but one can purchase the online private classes anytime.

The most interesting aspect of their programs is that students get access to a private community built with Kajabi’s community feature, which receives a lot of engagement.

Morin Music Kajabi Course Examples

Besides classes/programs for school students, they offer several free courses for music teachers and parents, which helps them grow their brand. Moreover, they also offer several free downloadable resources to build their email list for their student programs.

25. Breath of Bliss Academy

Breath of Bliss Academy teaches breathwork exercises to help people improve their overall well-being.

The website offers another great example of a business using Kajabi as an all-in-one solution. Their landing page, sales pages, courses, email marketing, and blog are all managed through the platform. Their primary offering is Bliss Society, a membership site, which comes with live breathwork sessions and mindset coaching, recordings of previous live events, a private Facebook Group, among other things.

Breath of Bliss Academy

Besides the membership site, they also offer a range of audio courses, several live online programs for breathwork teachers, and even offline retreats, all of which are sold through the Kajabi system.

Kajabi Website Examples Wrap Up

In this guide, we have looked at various Kajabi website examples and how they use the platform.

While some creators in this list use Kajabi as an all-in-one platform, others use it just for creating online courses, and then there is everything else in between.

Kajabi is pretty feature-rich and it gives you a lot of flexibility with all aspects of your online business.

If you’re interested in exploring the platform in more detail, you should check this detailed Kajabi review.

If you’d like to give the platform a try, you can start a 30-day Kajabi free trial.

We hope you found this guide useful. Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which Kajabi examples did you like the most? What would you like to replicate from these for your own online course?

Leave a quick comment below and let us know right now.

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