11 Best Mighty Networks Examples: Communities & Courses

Best Mighty Networks Examples

Choosing the right platform to build your community can be tricky.

While Mighty Networks is one of the best community builders, we understand that picking the right platform requires careful consideration and research.

To help you make this decision, we’ve compiled 11 brilliant Mighty Networks examples demonstrating the platform’s capabilities for community-building, hosting online courses, and creating memberships.

Each site uniquely uses the platform and spans different niches, which will ensure that you get dozens of fresh new ideas for your site.

Let’s dive into these Mighty Networks communities.

1. Mighty Community

Mighty Community, founded by Mighty Networks, is a community for creators running their businesses on the platform.

This highly-engaged public community showcases many of the platform’s features and tools.

Mighty Networks lets you create a public community where anyone can read and consume the content, but to comment, one needs to become a member.

Once you join the community, you’ll see a welcome checklist that contains a guide on how to get the most out of the community.

Inside, you’ll find posts and discussions, including questions and polls from the Mighty Networks team and other community members. You can engage with these existing conversations, or you can start new ones as well.

Additionally, they host free live training events and several online courses to boost community engagement.

Mighty Community discussions
Mighty Community discussions

Overall, Mighty Networks is a solid online community builder, and there is no better example than Mighty Community when it comes to showcasing the range of the platform’s features.

2. Productive Environment Network™

Productive Environment Network, founded by Barbara Hemphill, is focused on helping business owners control their environments more effectively. In doing so, Barbara claims to increase productivity and profit.

Productive Environment Network is an excellent example of how to organize your community effectively. She uses multiple features for the same, two of which are Topics and Groups.

The Topics feature allows you to assign a topic to all your content, making it easy for users to search through the community content.

To further manage her community, Barbara has created several groups that cover particular productivity themes, and members can join these groups to focus on one specific area.

For example, Barbara offers a Group called Inside Your Tech that covers the best software tips to increase productivity. Here, users can have in-depth discussions about software without clogging up the main community page.

Subgroups in Productive Environment Network
Subgroups in Productive Environment Network

If you’re a creator looking for ideas to keep your community organized, you should take a look at Productive Environment Network.

3. Kwik Brain

Kwik Brain is focused on improving the speed of reading and learning. Although it is a free community, you’ll need to apply to join.

Mighty Networks lets you create a private community. The users will need to apply, and you can filter the applicants to give only approved people access.

Inside the community, Kwik Brains offers online courses—one free course and one paid course.

Kwik Brain’s course offerings
Kwik Brain’s course offerings

Selling online courses is one of the popular ways to monetize a community, and you’ll be glad to know that Mighty Networks also includes an online course builder.

With Mighty Networks courses, you can create your course structure, host your content, and deliver it to your members from inside the community. Each course also has a dedicated group for student discussions.

Additionally, the platform takes care of the purchase process. It lets you integrate a payment gateway, create a checkout page, and grant automatic access upon successful purchase.

Mighty Networks will be an excellent option for offering community-powered courses or live cohort courses.

4. Simple Scrapper

Simple Scrapper is a paid online community for crafting enthusiasts to discuss scrapbooking and share related content.

Members get access to the ad-free member magazine and a built-in accountability system that uses the Mighty Networks platform.

To join the community, you have two options: the monthly and annual plans, which are priced at $24.99 and $199, respectively.

Even though the membership landing page is built outside the platform, Mighty Networks lets you create a landing page as well.

Simple Scrapper’s membership plans
Simple Scrapper’s membership plans

So, you can’t just create free communities on the platform, but you can build paid communities and offer community-based memberships. The good part is that you can offer paid products on all Mighty Networks plans.

5. The Moon Maison Portal

The Moon Maison Portal helps people raise their vibrations to uplift themselves and their community. It is a full-fledged membership site built using Mighty Networks.

The membership includes access to the community, live events, online courses, and other benefits.

You have two options to join it, and you can either purchase the monthly or annual subscription plans. The checkout happens directly on the platform; no third-party gateway or website is required.

The Moon Maison Portal landing page
The Moon Maison Portal landing page

Mighty Networks is more than just a community builder. It’s also an excellent membership platform option, and you can use it to build an amazing community-based membership site.

6. Mark Thompson’s Inner Circle

Mark Thompson’s Inner Circle is a private membership community for marketers.

It houses guides, online courses, and training with the aim of helping business owners further grow their companies.

In addition to the content, it promotes the fact that the community allows members to connect and network, which is very appealing to online business owners who may work from home.

The membership sales page is built outside the platform, and the process of purchasing access to the community happens through Gumroad. Many creators take this approach, but fear not; you can seamlessly integrate Mighty Networks with any checkout platform using Zapier.

Inner Circle’s landing page
Inner Circle’s landing page

7. Jewel Never Broken

The Jewel Never Broken community was founded by an author named Jewel as a place for readers to discuss her book’s message.

Her book contains several mental health principles and practical advice. Since this is a deep topic, it lends itself to being discussed in a group setting, and a community can provide a brilliant support network for this to happen.

If you have a large community, paid groups can be another way to monetize your audience.

Inside the community, Jewel Never Broken offers a smaller paid mastermind group called the Accountability Group, which gives its members access to live streams and posts.

The private group feature provides both a more intimate way to build a community and another source of income for creators.

Jewel Never Broken’s Groups
Jewel Never Broken’s Groups

So that you know, Mighty Networks lets you charge for access to groups. So, if you plan to create a paid mastermind or offer group coaching inside your community, you’ll find this feature handy.

8. Slow AF Run Club

Slow AF Run Club is a membership community for slow and beginner runners that focuses on helping people get into running by using beginner training plans better.

An online community is a great way for beginners to connect, ask questions, and support each other, and the company offers both free and paid membership options.

The free option gives members lifetime access to support from coaches, all podcast episodes, and access to weekly challenges.

Premium members, instead, also get access to running training plans, strength workout plans, live monthly coaching calls, and full access to the video library.

You can create a freemium model like this by leaving your main community free for everyone to benefit from and then creating premium groups that are only accessible to paid members.

Slow AF Running Club’s Membership Options
Slow AF Running Club’s Membership Options

Slow AF Run Club also allows its users to access the membership through the Mighty Networks iOS and Android apps.

A free mobile app for all communities is a fantastic feature that Mighty Networks has and is the cheapest way to launch a membership app.

As over 50% of all internet traffic happens on mobile devices, it’s more essential than ever to offer access via an app when building a community.

10. Kula by Yoga With Adriene

Adriene has an extremely popular YouTube channel with over 11 million subscribers. Instead of using alternative platforms such as Facebook, she opted to build her own community—Kula by Yoga With Adriene—using Mighty Networks.

Viewers of the channel can join her community for free to discuss all things Yoga, and she has also set up her own branded app called Kula by Yoga, which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

The apps are free to use, and members will have access to her community on their mobile devices.

To deliver her apps, she uses Mighty Pro—a custom Mighty Networks plan—which allows business owners to launch white-label apps quickly.

Kula by Yoga offers branded apps for members
Kula by Yoga offers branded apps for members

This is one of my favorite aspects of Mighty Networks. The platform allows you to start with free mobile apps, but once you grow and want branded community apps, you can easily upgrade with Mighty Pro.

10. SilverChartist PRO

SilverChartist PRO is an online paid community founded by Steve Penny and focused on building financial freedom through investing.

To join the community, you have to pay monthly or annually. In return, Steve gives the community access to his personal portfolio, trade alerts, live strategy sessions, and a long-term exit plan.

The live strategy sessions allow for a real-time, over-the-shoulder look at how Steve invests, and he uses Mighty Networks’ Events feature to deliver the sessions.

SilverChartist PRO’s landing page
SilverChartist PRO’s landing page

SilverChartist PRO is not a typical content-based community where the main benefit is users connecting. Instead, members purchase access to the creator’s trading strategies and advice.

It is a unique example of how an individual can build a more intimate community with personalized access and real-time updates.

11. Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 is an online community for those affected by type 1 diabetes.

The community has been set up for a specific cause: to connect those affected by the disease. It’s a space to ask questions, get advice, and receive support in a non-formal setting.

Too often, those suffering from diseases can feel isolated and alone. Online communities are a great way to bridge this gap, and Mighty Networks is a brilliant option for hosting such groups.

Beyond Type 1 Community’s homepage
Beyond Type 1 Community’s homepage

Moreover, the organization behind the community is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO).

So, this example is unique because it hasn’t been created by a brand or an individual but by a nonprofit organization.

If you were looking for a purpose-driven community built on Mighty Networks, you should check out the Beyond Type 1 Community.

Mighty Networks Examples Wrap-Up

That’s the complete round-up of 11 interesting and unique Mighty Networks examples.

We hope that you liked learning about all of these Mighty Networks communities and that they have given you ideas on how you can use the platform.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mighty Networks and giving it a try, click the button below.

Which Mighty Networks examples did you like the most? What would you like to replicate from these for your own community and courses?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

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