New Zenler Pricing 2023 – Is It Really That Affordable?

New Zenler Pricing - how much does it cost?

Course creators are often surprised by New Zenler’s extremely low pricing.

After all, it’s an all-in-one online course platform, which offers tools for running your entire course business under one roof. So, how come it’s not expensive?

I always come across people asking questions like — “Are there any hidden charges?” “How does New Zenler Pricing compare to its competitors?” “Is the price going to increase?”

So, I created this New Zenler pricing Guide to answer all these questions. In addition, I’ve compared all the pricing tiers in terms of cost and what they offer, so you’ll be able to choose the right plan for you.

Let’s start by having an overview.

New Zenler Pricing Plans Overview

New Zenler offers three plans, and the amount you pay depends on what plan you choose and whether you decide to pay monthly or annually:

  • Free Beta Plan
  • Pro Plan – $67/month
  • Premium Plan – $197/month

Apart from the monthly option, you can also pay yearly. In this case, you get a good discount and only need to pay $647/year and $1447/year for Pro and Premium plans, respectively.

New Zenler Pricing Plans
New Zenler pricing plans

Before discussing the pricing plans further, you need to know that New Zenler is still in beta. Therefore, this pricing is for beta, and it may increase significantly after the stable launch.

That’s one reason why New Zenler plans are priced at such a low cost.

One more thing! If you don’t understand the platform well, we have this Comprehensive New Zenler Review ready. I would suggest you check it before going through the pricing guide.

Before you make the purchase, you have to sign up for New Zenler. For that, you need to provide your email address, and then they will send you an invite for their free Beta Plan.

Request an invite for the New Zenler beta
You need to get an invite to sign up for New Zenler

If you want immediate access, you can go through this link.

Just keep in mind that not all features are available on the free beta, and there is no free trial available for the paid plans.

So, once you check the platform with their free Beta plan, you should go for the monthly option at the start. Then, once you’re more confident about the platform, you can switch to the annual payment option.

Now that you’re familiar with how pricing works for this online course platform, let’s check out the features you get with these three options.

New Zenler Free Beta Plan

The free Beta plan offers most of the features that New Zenler has to offer.

With this plan, you get unlimited hosting for your website, unlimited video storage, the ability to create unlimited courses, and have unlimited students on your school.

However, make a note that you’ll need to pay 10% as the transaction fee.

Starting with course creation, you get complete access to the course builder features except the ability to add SCORM or HTML files.

In terms of learning and engagement, you can create quizzes, surveys, certificates, and community. However, you don’t get access to assignments, live classes, webinars, and live streaming. 

Moving to website building, the free Beta plan has all major features such as page builder and SEO settings, but the custom domain and blogging tools are not available.

Talking of sales and marketing, you get only one payment method integration, which is Stripe. Thus, PayPal and Razorpay are not there on this plan.

Otherwise, you get all the tools, such as flexible pricing options, optimized checkout process, sales funnel builder, inbuilt email marketing features, and affiliate marketing tools.

Also, note that there are some restrictions:

  • Marketing funnels: 100
  • Email Broadcasts: 1,000
  • Leads: 5,000
  • Site admin, site assistant, site support: One each

Overall, the free Beta plan will be good enough for many course creators. And you don’t need to move to a paid plan if you’re just starting.

The only thing to take care of is the 10% transaction fee. If the total transaction fee paid goes above the Pro plan’s pricing, you obviously need to upgrade.

Pro Plan vs Premium Plan Comparison

As I mentioned earlier, two paid plans are available — the Pro plan and the Premium plan.

When you move to any of the plans, you get access to almost everything.

Besides the features available on the free Beta plan, you can now add SCORM and HTML files, create assignments, get access to live engagement tools, blogging, integrate with all payment methods and email marketing tools, and priority support.

The things that are not available on the Pro plan but only on the Premium plan are custom user roles and single sign-on.

Custom user roles are only useful when you need the utmost flexibility in deciding what your admins and other members can access.

The single sign-on feature lets your learners log in to other platforms even by using New Zenler’s credentials.

A detailed comparison between Pro and Premium plans

Both of the features are only required when you are an advanced creator. So, for most course creators, the Pro plan works fine.

Another thing to consider is the limit on various things.

You get 100 marketing funnels, 25,000 leads, 100,000 email broadcasts, and three sites with the Pro plan.

On the other hand, the Premium plan lets you have unlimited marketing funnels, unlimited leads, 500,000 email broadcasts, and ten sites.

Besides that, there are some restrictions on the number of user roles.

Have a look at the table below for a better understanding of the limitations of both plans.


Pro Plan

Premium Plan

Live Sessions



Marketing Funnels






Email Broadcasts






 Site Admins












Again, the limits on the Pro plan are generous enough, and most creators won’t need more than that. Plus, the price gap between the two plans is $130/month, making it a straightforward choice for you to go with the Pro plan.

How Does New Zenler Pricing Compare with Competitors?

New Zenler pricing is often compared with other all-in-one platforms like Kajabi.

Kajabi has an entry-level plan of $149/month. Besides that, there are two more plans — Growth and Pro plans that cost $199/month and $399/month.

How much does Kajabi cost?
Kajabi pricing

With New Zenler, you get most features on the lower tier. However, you have to choose a Pro plan in the case of Kajabi. Also, Kajabi has more restrictions than New Zenler, even if you compare Kajabi’s highest tier with Zenler’s lower tier.

New Zenler’s costs are significantly lower than Kajabi’s. At the same time, Kajabi is much more feature-rich and polished than New Zenler, and you’ll need to explore the two platforms in detail to understand the differences.

For that, check our New Zenler vs Kajabi comparison.

Another set of platforms with which New Zenler’s pricing is compared are standalone online course platforms like Teachable and Thinkific.

Both platforms have multiple plans, including a free plan. Also, like New Zenler, both offer unlimited hosting, unlimited courses, and unlimited students.

Teachable Pricing Plans
Teachable pricing

When you go to Thinkific, there is no transaction fee. However, you have to select the Pro plan ($99/month) to access most of its features.

Thinkific Pricing: How much does Thinkific cost?
Thinkific pricing

Considering that these platforms don’t offer marketing features like the blogging tool, sales funnel builder, and email marketing automation, you’ll find them to be more expensive than New Zenler.

So, New Zenler’s pricing is kind of unbeatable at this moment. Even Zenler’s entry-level tier provides access to almost all features at a better price.

New Zenler Pricing – Final Verdict

With this New Zenler pricing guide, you should have a clear idea of different New Zenler pricing plans and the features you get with them.

New Zenler gives you the option to try its free beta plan as long as you want. And if you feel it right to move ahead with New Zenler, there are two paid plans to choose from.

I suggest going for the Pro plan and only switching to the Premium plan when you need custom roles and single sign-on. Anyway, the limitations are pretty generous, and they won’t matter much.

I hope this New Zenler pricing guide helped you with what you were looking for. If you still have any doubts, questions, or feedback, mention them in the comments.

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